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History and activities in Saint-Malo

Standing at Bretagne’s doors, open on the English channel, Saint-Malo is the main harbor on Bretagne’s northern coast. This city, which has been fortified through times, was originally built on a rocky island. A tidal wave, around the 8th century, is said to have connected it to the rest of the land.

What to do in Saint-Malo 

assorted board signageThe best way to discover the city is by foot, although many companies offer bike rental or horse trips.

Stretching over a few square kilometers, Saint-Malo if full of historical objects and artefacts lying here and there. You won’t miss the great wall: walking on it offers a splendid view on the port and the city center as well as the nearby islands.

Fun facts: Although they look like they were built during the medieval times, most of the city walls were actually built after WWII !



body of water near city buildings during daytime

Saint-Malo would not be the “postal card” we know without the great tides and waves which offer a spectacular daily show.  At low tide, the sand beaches reveal their huge width and free the access to the “Fort National”, and “Fort du petit Bé”.   At high tide, the waves crush onto the walls, offering a splendid view.

You would like to pursue your trip on the coast? The famous Mont Saint-Michel is less than an hour away from Saint-Malo!